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We consider Google Analytics or reCaptcha, the Facebook Like Button and any HTML iFrames to be nothing more than to way track and harvest visitor data. Therefore we don't use any of these technologies. We believe ANY web site that implements the above can NOT possibly be sincere about their customer's and user's data privacy and that ALL companies should sign a pledge to stop using them.

The only session cookies set by this site are the ARR Affinity Cookie used by Microsoft web servers to identify subsequent requests by the same browser, and CSRF anti-forgery tokens to keep jerks from scrapping our data.

There are no 3rd party cookies set by this site.

We do not collect ANY user data.

Unfortunately, we can't do anything about Google putting cookies in your browser when we embed YouTube videos in our pages other than NOT use YouTube. We don't condone this and think they should stop.

When you use this site you agree that we've put our money where our mouth is and don't collect anything from your or track you in anyway, unlike Big Tech which is totally lying to you.

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