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Blazor SVG Game

This is just demo of using C# and Blazor to handle client side SVG. Click a game piece and then click its destination. Reload to see that the game state is stored in the backend. There is no enforcement on move locations yet but all moves are stored as a round where you can rollback to different rounds.

You can try out 3 different games right now which is defined by a Board Definition crossed with a current Game State.

Board Definitions don't define hex or square spaces so you easy to toggle between the two.

Icons are just SVGs and can be added to a space (not moveable) or used as a game board piece.

Board Definitions and Game States are stored in Mongo DB for now. There is an API layer to modify both.

I've not addressed the performance issues yet because honestly it all runs on free services so not a whole lot I can do other than optimize a little code.

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